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Wyoming Gun Company is an indoor training and shooting center

offering the residents of Casper a state of the art facility to learn, train and enjoy shooting sports in a safe environment. We have 9 lanes running 25 yards and 7 lanes at 100 yards for shooters and archers of all skill level. Every lane is equipped with a top of the line retrieval system, operated by a touchscreen on each lane individually. The retrievals can be sent downrange from 5 to 25 yards with a touch of a button, they are also programmable to run multiple scenarios, from beginning skill level to expert training.

Our range is climate controlled with a powerful air handling and filtration system.

All the air pulled off the range runs through a series of HEPA filters, this is to ensure the cleanest air possible for the safety of our members, guests, and employees.

The Bullet traps consist of granular rubber and are rated to handle handgun and rifle calibers, we allow all handguns, and rifles up to .308 on the 25 yard range. Rifles only on the 100 yard range, all calibers up to but excluding .50 BMG.  We also allow archery in our 25 yard tactical bays.

Wyoming Gun Company has 2 classrooms to offer multiple training and safety classes.

We also have a full retail store available with guns to purchase or rent. You can “try it before you buy it!”

Wyoming Gun Company offers something Casper has never seen before. Come check it out and have some fun!

Four Main Rules of Firearm Safety :​

Always treat every firearm as if it's loaded

Unless you are preparing to shoot, your first action with any firearm in all situations should be to point the muzzle in a safe direction, check the chamber, and clear the firearm. The phrase "it's unloaded" should never pass your lips and should never be trusted from someone else's.

Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction

Never let the muzzle cover anything you're not willing to destroy. Regarding the "safe direction", don't forget about the possibility of a ricochet.

Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot

The best way to prevent accidental discharge is to keep your trigger finger indexed along the frame of the firearm until your sights are on the target. Do not place your finger inside the trigger guard until you're ready to pull the trigger.

Always know your target and what is beyond

Whether you're at the range or in the woods, if you are going to shoot, you must know what lies beyond your target. Everything and everyone in front of, near, and beyond your target is your responsibility.

We offer lanes running






Yard Tactical Bay for Training, Competitions, and Archery!

Rules of the Range

  1. Act responsibly and with respect at all times.
  2. If you observe any unsafe behavior or condition by anyone, report it to a Range Safety Officer immediately.
  3. All people on the range must observe the 4 basic firearm safety rules:
    • Treat every firearm as if it were loaded
    • Never point your firearm at anything you are not prepared to destroy
    • Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger well until you are on target and ready to fire
    • Know your target and what is beyond
  1. All first-time members, guests, and other Wyoming Gun Company users must demonstrate proper knowledge of firearm operation and safety, or they must participate in the Wyoming Gun Company orientation.
  2. No one is allowed in front of the firing line at any time.
  3. Shooters may collect their brass from behind the firing line only.
  4. Eye and Ear protection is mandatory for anyone entering the range.
  5. Firearms brought onto the property must be unloaded and in a secure case or range bag prior to entering the facility. Firearms may be uncased in the shooting stall only.
  6. Children under the age of 10 are not permitted to shoot on the range.
  7. Individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who will remain by their side at all times.
  8. Upon the command “CEASE FIRE”, stop all shooting immediately, put down your firearm and back away from the firing line. Do NOT re-approach the firing line or pick up your firearm until the “All Clear” signal is given.
  9. For any firearm or ammunition problem, (such as a squib or hang fire) keep the gun pointed down range, do not set the gun down, remain in your booth, signal a Range Safety Officer for assistance by raising your non-shooting hand.
  10. Use only the correct ammunition for your firearm. Wyoming Gun Company does NOT permit the following:
    • MUZZLE-LOADERS or Black Powder
    • Shotshells with multiple projectiles
  1. Caliber Restrictions per range – All handguns and rifles up to .308 on the 25 yard range, no handguns and rifles up to but excluding 50 bmg on the 100 yard range.
  2. Firearms may be uncased or removed from the holster at the firing line ONLY. Load and unload all weapons at the bench in the shooting booth. No uncased firearms are permitted behind the shooting booth area.
  3. No one will be permitted on the range if they are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating substances.
  4. It is your responsibility to know and understand how to operate your firearm safely. You must ensure that your firearm is in good working order before entering the range.
  5. Drawing from the holster is prohibited, unless you have prior approval.
  6. Any person seen intentionally shooting at anything other than their assigned target will be asked to leave.
  7. No food, drink, gum or any tobacco product is permitted inside the range. Always remember to wash your hands after you leave the range and prior to eating.
  8. No outside paid instructors are permitted to instruct at Wyoming Gun Company. All paid instruction will be provided by Wyoming Gun Company certified instructors.
  9. Wyoming Gun Company complies with State and Federal Laws. All shooters must be US Citizens or permanent resident with accompanying driver’s license or green card.

**It is strongly recommended that pregnant women do not use the indoor range due to the noise levels and how it can affect the hearing development of an unborn child.**


Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are open to the public for a daily rate.

Memberships must be completed at Wyoming Gun Company before you come in please complete our wavier, click here. If you have any question please call.

Wyoming Gun Company currently features 9 lanes at 25 yards and 7 lanes at 100 yards. With another 9 lanes at 25 yards on the way!

Only members can make lane reservations. They are limited to 1 hour during busy times.

All pistol calibers (in the 25-yd range)
All rifle calibers up to .308 caliber, no magnums (in 25-yd range)
All rifle calibers up to but excluding .50 (in the 100-yd range)
NO muzzle loader (black powder) firearms will be allowed.

Yes, but our staff has the right to inspect all firearms, ammunition and equipment.

Minimum shooting age is 10 years. Shooters 10-17 years of age must be directly supervised by a Parent or Legal Guardian.

Yes, we have them available for rent, however; we also have them available to purchase in our retail shop.

Yes, as long as it’s behind the firing line.

The range has a state-of-the-art climate controlled ventilation system. The air inside the range is filtered by HEPA filters to remove 99.97% of contaminants.

Yes, but paper and cardboard only

No, our facility is completely indoors.

You may eat/drink in the designated area only. No gum, candy, etc. is allowed in the range area. We are a tobacco, alcohol-free, drug-free facility.

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