Wyoming Gun Company Leagues

March 2019 Singles Leagues

S.H.O.T.S. PISTOL: Played in the style of the basketball game HORSE, shooters will be paired with another competitor for a head to head challenge. Shooters will get a large target, and shooter number one will fire one shot at the target. Shooter two must place a shot within ONE INCH of shooter ones shot. If shooter fails to do so, shooter obtains a letter (example S). If shooter two obtains a letter, shooter one shoots again. If shooter two succeeds, shooter two then shoots first. The first shooter to spell out SHOTS loses. Winning shooters get 15 points, losing shooters get 8 points.

Must be completed March 2nd – 8th.


SHARPSHOOTER RIFLE: Shooter will use a rifle with caliber restrictions of .223/5.56 to 338 Lapua. Optics is suggested. Shooters must place 5 shots on a “hostage” target. The shooter must shot the bad guy in order to obtain points. Hitting the hostage reduces shooters points. This is a timed event, the target will only be at 100 yards for 60 seconds. The final shot MUST be placed after the target begins movement. Target will stop at 75 yards and be unshootable for the remainder of the time. The target MUST be shot ONE time in between 100 and 75 yards before target stops.   SCORING: Headshot- 6 points, body shot- 4 points, hand shot- 2 points, hostage- -10 points.

Must be completed March 9th – 15th.


BOWLING PIN SHOOT: All normal bowling pin shoots apply. Shooters must be present to obtain scores, shooters who do not participate will record a 0 score. This event cannot be a make-up event. Shooters will obtain a score based on finishing place of an event. 1st– 20 points, 2nd– 19 points, 3rd– 17 points, 4th– 7th – 15 points, 8th-11th– 12 points, 12th– 19th – 10 points, 20th-last – 7 points.

Must be completed March 14th.


RUNNING BEAR RIFLE: Any bolt, lever or pump action rifle Caliber, 1 shot witnessed by RSO on scorable target, repeated 5 times. Shots must be from standing position. The shooter must start with an open chamber, once target faces the shooter, the shooter may chamber one round and fire 1 shot on target before the target is reset. Will be repeated 5 times for a score. Open class, but open sights are recommended. Scores will be recorded with a maximum of 50 points. Example target will be displayed in the retail area for familiarizing and scoring.

Must be completed March 23rd – 29th.


CIRCLE CHALLENGE PISTOL: Caliber restrictions 380/38 – 45ACP/45LC. Shooters will be given ONE NRA circle 20 ft standing qualification target. The shooter will fire at target 20 times, each circle receiving 5 shots. If there are more than 5 recorded shots in a single circle, 5 will be counted and all.

Must be completed March 30th – April 5th.

Please see additional rules below.


Singles League Rules

Objective: Shooters committing to a weekly challenge for the entire month to test skills and luck

Cost: 100.00


  • Class/firearm type is determined prior to scheduling.
  • Competitors must use firearms and targets specified during each competition
  • Shooters will each have a set number of targets/shots per event
  • Open Class – Scopes, lasers, compensators / limited- open sights only
  • Shooters may practice with a similar target anytime before the competition, but will only receive scoreable target(s) on the day of competition
  • Scores will be recorded by trained WGC staff, and logs will be recorded for weekly progression
  • Shooters will be in company with RSO to record shots during the event. RSO will verify shots being fired, and placement of shots
  • These competitions are designed to be challenging, but will also include elements of luck for less experienced shooters and assist in determining a winner in the event of ties.
  • If a shooter does NOT have a firearm type that is being used, WGC will rent a firearm to the individual.
  • Shooters must attend all four events to receive prizes at end of the competition.
  • Shooter MUST inform staff no later than ONE WEEK in advance if unable to shoot during the scheduled day. A day will then be scheduled as a “Make-up day” to obtain a score. If shooter fails to arrive to make-up day, a 0 score will be recorded. If the competition is head to head, shooters unable to participate will receive a 0 score.
  • Final scores are final. There will be no exchanging targets or re-tries.
  • Other rules may apply during specific competitions and will be described to the shooter before shooter begins.


  • Shooting will start at business open on the scheduled day. Shooters may come in until close of business that day to record score. If a head to head competition is taking place, shooters must arrive at the scheduled time of competition to obtain a score.
  • Winners announced at end scheduled events.
  • Prizes will be awarded to top shooters
  • Winners will be posted on social media (ie Facebook)


-Disqualifications will be at the discretion of RSO. A safety violation during the shoot will result in immediate disqualification. If shooter attempts to alter target ( ie enlarge holes) RSO will disqualify shooter. If shooter attempts to violate set rules for contest (ie use more rounds of ammunition than permitted) shooter will be disqualified. A disqualification will result in a 0 score. There will be no refunds if disqualification occurs.



We provide a safe, clean and comfortable indoor facility for the
education, training and usage of firearms.

We welcome shooters of all skill levels; from entry to competitive and professional. We offer a variety of educational classes as well as provide instructors for personal training and self-defense. It is important to educate our community about firearm safety and operation.


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