Head to Head Challenge Bear Shoot

• This is a head-to-head challenge. 380ACP-44MAG calibers required. No rimfire allowed. Open class, tactical lights allowed, night sights recommended.

• Shooters will start at low ready when the bear turns and begins the movement towards the shooter from 35 feet, the shooter must fire 5 rounds at the target before the target slows and stops.

• The bear must have the following to be counted as a scoreable target:
– All 5 shots must hit the bear
– 3 of the 5 shots must be within the “head circle” to count

• Scores will be entered based on shot placement. A Body shot outside of the “head circle” will count as 1 point. The “head circle” shots will count as 2 points. The bear’s eyes will count as 3 points. All 5 shots are scoreable.

• This is a low light event. This event is designed to be challenging. Shooters will be seeded randomly against each other. The shooter with the higher score moves on to the next round.

• If shooters tie, an NRA pistol target will be taped to the bear and sent to 25 yards. Shooters will fire one shot at this target. The high score wins. If shooters tie during this event, this process will be repeated until a shooter scores higher than the opponent.


03 Oct 2019


5:45 pm - 8:00 pm
Wyoming Gun Company


Wyoming Gun Company
580 Landmark Dr, Casper, WY 82609
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